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Products -Transmission related parts-

Planetary gear parts

Planetary gear parts are used in transmission mechanism to reduce engine to drive shaft speed which is suitable for vehicle running. As a result of advanced research on noise reduction caused by high-speed rotation and weight reduction for low fuel consumption, high accuracy machining with micro level is required for components. Machining of wide range of materials such as rolled steel, sintered material, aluminum, etc. are also required.


Operation system parts are used in lock mechanism to prevent vehicles from moving when gear change level is on P (parking). Since these parts have safety of people in their keeping, which are called critical safety parts, strict quality requirements are required.
We provide products by selecting most suitable processing method according to drawing instructions from customer.

About “critical safety parts”

Critical safety parts are parts of devices which affect the basic function of vehicles (Run, Turn, Stop) and possibly cause serious accident like fire.

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