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About Fukuju - Manufacturing of Fukuju -

In order to meet various requirement from our customer, all the departments of Fukuju Kogyo work together to implement the process from drawing review to mass production rapidly on base of quality-first policy and skills and technology acquired through 70 years of our MONOZUKURI history.
We propose on selection of production process according to the feature of product and production volume during the stages of process planning, design and production of jig, tool and die.

For “producing good products more easily with lower cost”, we have been innovating most advanced processing technology, designing and producing original manufacturing equipment, such as automatic conveyer and automatic inspection instrument, etc., which supports manufacturing department to make Kaizen and problem-countermeasure possible in production site.

【 Processing Technology 】

Monozukuri in Fukuju is conducted on various metal processing technologies.

Cutting technology can be applied to all sorts of metal like stainless steel, special steel,
sintered alloy, aluminum, etc.

For complicated shaped raw materials, high speed efficient cutting is possible by applying
special lathe chuck which provide high rigidity clamp with multi-sided fixture.

For gear cutting, integrated production from raw material to gear tooth surface finishing
processing is carried out in Fukuju, which makes mass‐produce possible.

Cutting tool is pivotal in machining process. Ascertainment of tool material,
coating and cutting condition is conducted by observing the clipping and wear of cutting tool
through microscope. We are also developing special tool and working on life extension and regrinding of tool.
In the field of pressing, we are practicing deep drawing press of thin sheet,
hydraulic bending and wall-thickened press. Also, cost-reduction of material and
strength-increasing of products have been realized through application of hydraulic rotary forging.
Research on cold forging has been carried out with the aim of scrap reduction on processing
of materials with complicated shapes.

【 In-house manufactured Equipment 】


Rapid correspondence to request from customer
Easy reflection of machine users’ opinion
Reduction of lead time with application of limited resources
Easy enforcement of maintenance and improvement of equipment to support production department

Past projects

Special- purpose machines Many kinds of special-purpose machines have been made according to specifications and accuracy of product.
Special-purpose gun drill machine was made and incorporated into the production line for products
with small diameter deep hole.
Multi-process unit, which connected hydraulic press to cutting and drilling machine,
was installed in order to realize area-saving efficient production by combining deformation
and cutting process in same production line.
These special-purpose machines make production line compact and efficient.

Automatic carrier device In order to save the time on conveyance, different sorts of automatic carrier devices have been created
and introduced to production lines according to the feature of product. During automation from the beginning
to the end of producing lines, a lot of original ideas on mode of conveying were included.

Automatic inspection equipment Various kinds of automatic inspection equipment, for example, dimensional inspection through measurement tool,
form accuracy judgment, automatic appearance inspection through latest image processing technology, etc.,
have been created for upgrading quality assurance and effective inspection.

【 Quality assurance 】

Our basic policy on QA is corporate-wide cooperation.

All of the departments cooperate with each other to achieve high built-in quality in each step of receiving orders to stable production. In order to thoroughly uphold quality management, systems to cover artificial mistake are set here and there in producing equipment, for example, built-in measurement and automatic compensation, fool-proof device, etc. Furthermore, by defining and taking root of “standard operation process” in Fukuju, we are able to supply high-quality product stably.
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